12 March 2015

Magical Number Two

"The life expectancy of patients with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) Type I is generally considered to be less than 2 years." This typical prognosis, may no longer stands true given the early medical intervention provided to patients. Nonetheless, it is a significant milestone for most parents.

And C celebrated his second birthday a week ago.

Unlike the first, this year's celebration was kept small. Brick.inthebrickyard was very kind to bake for us on this important day. The dessert table was a visual treat and pleasure for our taste buds. I absolutely love the simplicity, colours and presentation. Something really great about them is that they bake for party of any size (even a small one like ours!) at very reasonable price. Do check them out.

We were honoured to also have with us, Annabelle from One-Stop No.1 Entertainment, who again generously sponsored the balloon wall for this special occasion. Annabelle has been with us right from the beginning of C's journey and we are blessed for having friends like her who stood by us.

Actually there were two celebrations - on a weekend earlier and on the actual day. Fruit cake with fresh cream courtesy of my sister & family and an ice-cream chocolate cake from Starpals - nurse Serene & social worker Siang Ping. C was especially happy with his ice-cream cake, amused and delighted that the cake was cold to touch. Siang Ping further amazed C with the smoke-like fog produced by dry ice in water. Oh boy, kids went gaga over it.

From lighting and blowing the candles, birthday song to cake cutting, C was seen grinning coyly. Those were the special moments that melted our hearts. Looking forward to your next birthday little man.

For other videos I have uploaded recently:
C learning how to count
C singing enthusiatically


  1. Happy Belated Birthday Caelen! Sorry for not being able to read about you lately as this aunty here just started to pursue her master in communication. We both will fight together ok? :)

  2. Thank you Kaven! No doubt we are fighting a different battle, but yes, we fight hard together :))